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“Economy Needs Seniors’ Unique and Real Experience” (ENSURE)

The terminology of the elderly society also means that despite the fact that the

“At the end what matters is not the years of life but the lives of years.” – Lincoln

target group is aging, they intend to function as active members of the society. According to some studies the maturity generation (43-63) increasingly feels it necessary to contribute to social cohesion. Thus this generation not only focuses on economic activity but they consider all kinds of activity important, whether it is paid or not, because without a specified purpose all kind of activities can be useful for the individual and the society alike.
Therefore, the project is operating in emerging businesses, business ideas brought them close to provide an opportunity to participate actively – according to their own needs – in helping the direction of a company in product or service development.
This may be an important emphasis on health industry, recreation and IT fields.
It is important that the increasing number of the target group should not passively, but actively help the strengthening of younger generations, keeping in mind their own goals and needs.

Our project “ENSURE” intends to map, collect, organize and utilize the knowledge, expertise, experiences and competences elderly people (55+) uniquely have with some decades of work behind them. Our most important aim is to establish an intelligent database consisting of senior experts which links to the needs of companies, authorities, training organizations and other stakeholders who wish to use these knowledge. We also intend to represent the social and mental needs of the elderly giving them the possibility to feel themselves more active and beneficial for younger generations.

The most important result of the project would be a community site for seniors including their professional experiences which can be seen by companies and other stakeholders, and also giving possibilities to create social networks and free-time activities.

ENSURE project consists of participants from: North Hungary, Asturias, Brescia, and Wielkopolska.

Leader of the project:
Tibor Bodnár, Local Enterprise Agency, North-Hungary,
+36 36 410 724