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GENERATIONS: entering in the 2nd half of the Project!

2012-09-12 13:05:00 generations

In Semptember 2012, GENERATIONS will approach the middle of its duration and as planned, some ad interim results are already available.

GENERATIONS main objective is improving awarness at local level and promoting the dissemination of best practices on: permanence/reinsertion of elderly workers, generational transfer of skills and competences, innovative instruments supported by local PAs, networking initiatives on active ageing. Participants are local actors from 5 European regions, ie Västerbotten, Lorraine, Wielkopolska, North Hungary and Brescia. The collection of best practices has been completed and published in a 70 pages English publication which is currently available through the project website ( After the collection of best practices, each partner organized 5 local event involving a set of relevant stakeholders in order to introduce GENERATIONS and discuss the level of transferability of some of the best practices collected. Stakeholders involved were relevant actors interested in the field of active aging and role of seniors into organizations so local Public Administrations, social parties\workers, training bodies, companies or companies associations, Universities; all in allmore than 40 stakeholders from the 5 regions participated. The collection of BPs and the round tables put the basis for the implementation of the core activity of GENERATIONS, that is the organization and implementation of pilot phases in each region. All participants manifested their interest in designing and implementing a pilot phase inspired by some of the BPs carried out in other regions or some interesting and innovative elements of those, clearly demonstrating the added value of a transnational cooperation.

According to the project plan, and as it has been agreed with all participants, Pilot phases must test innovative solutions (pilot actions) on reinsertion, employment services and transfer of skills and competences involving at least 5 organizations and/or consortia and at least 40 seniors, considering both active workers (pool of competences for generational transfer) and unemployed people (instrument for the reinsertion). All partners design a “pilot Phase Action Plan” describing in details what is the action they intend to implement in their region in terms of outputs, expected results and sustainability/replicability, as well as describing what elements of the BPs collected so far have led them to take this initiative. Approaching a very delicate phase of the project, all participants took part to an extra project meeting in Point –a Messon, France, at the beginning of September to share and fine tune pilot phases action plans and discuss together about possible constraints and next steps to take.

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Work, competences and generational transfer. The value of aged work as a bridge between generations through knowledge and quality of work.

GENERATIONS aims to support regional development through a constructive approach as regard as demographic change and ageing of population. Focusing on human capital, labour market and related policies/instruments, GENERATIONS will be implemented between November 2011 and June 2013 aiming at a twofold objective:

1) Fostering active ageing through the implementation of programmes aiming at promoting permanence/reinsertion of elderly into labour market;
2) Promoting/testing a “generational pact” between people approaching the end of their working career (people already out from the scene and/or people close to retirement) and youngsters entering labour market.

Elderly and youngsters represent two categories of the society often pictured in contrast as they seem to reflect competitive interests. The project aims to translate this apparent “trade off” into an efficient process of cooperation with adavtantages for both sides (elderly who need to prolong their working life and youngsters who need to face as independent or employed the labour market) as well as for regional economical development.

The project will be structured in the following 4 macro-activities:
1 – Research, data collection and study of existing prcatices on ageing reinsertion/maintain into labour market and generational skills transfer;
2 – Design of a pilot initiative to be implemented at least in one regional context (Brescia-IT);
3 – Pilot implementation;
4 – Evaluation of transferability condition and proposal for replicability.

Five partners are cooperating in GENERATIONS. Each partner is having specific competence and is representing different kind of organizations as universities and development centres from: Västerbotten, Lorraine, Wielkopolska, Brescia and North Hungary.

Leader of the project: Veronica ZAMPEDRINI, ACB Servizi, +39 030220011

For more information please see our website: