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Häme is a region in southern Finland situated only an hour from the country’s capital, Helsinki. It is an historical region where some of the oldest settlements in Finland are found. The capital of the region, Hämeenlinna, is the oldest inland town in Finland and was founded in 1639. The region has 16 municipalities and over 173 000 inhabitants covering an area of around 5 700 square kilometres. The landscape consists of forests, marshland, ridges and numerous lakes (9 percent of the area is some form of water system).
During the past couple of years the region has had strong economic growth primarily in the industry and service sector, much of the success is due to the regions central location in Finland. The region also has a long tradition of textile and glass design.
Industry in Häme is mainly directed to the domestic market. The main industries are metal, food and mechanical wood processing industries. Other significant and developing sectors are tourism, digital business (e-learning), well being, culture industry and environmental technology.
The unemployment rate was 7,4 percent in 2008, figure roughly the same as the national average. Regional GDP per capita was measured to € 22 979 in 2006.